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جائزة الأميرة سبيكة بنت إبراهيم آل خليفة العالمية لتمكين المرأة Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Alkhalifa Global Award for Women Empoerment
Ask Me About Housing Options​

Requirements for obtaining a loan to buy or build a house:


1. That the applicant Bahraini nationality.


2. The application is the head of the family core.


3. Not be less than the age given on demand for 18 years and not more than 50 years.


4. Not be less than the basic family income for three hundred and twenty dinars, or that no more than one thousand and two hundred dinars.


5. To be basic enough household income to repay the loan until paid in full.


6. Calculated in proportion to the amount of a repayment period of no more than the monthly installment of 25% of the total monthly income of the family core.


7. Does not grant the loan only after an assessment done by the ministry which takes into account the market value of property in case of loan purchase or construction value in the case of a construction loan.


8. Does not grant the loan if the evaluation found that the amount required as a loan above the capacity of the family core, but it can grant the loan if the applicant's proof of a reliable guarantee payment of the difference between the value of purchase or construction and the maximum of the loan from its own resources and that the loan is used not only in the purchase building or dwelling.


9. The applicant must in the event that the request for a loan purchases to prove that he is not among the members of his family's basic owns a home or land residential and should be in the event that the application is in the case of the event if the application for a loan to build to prove that members of his family's basic have adequate housing and land does not have the legitimacy or legal disputes and that there is no family between members of the core has a home.


10. Not be the applicant or any member of his family had already obtain any housing service provided by the government or the private sector, associations, charitable institutions or any other, and the exception of service-governmental organizations through the apartment lease from the Ministry or any other , and the applicant must, in this case Gaadh apartment back to the ministry or the donor's original condition within two months of receipt of the loan purchase and two months after the completion of construction or four months of the receipt of a construction loan, whichever is earlier.

Registration of housing loans subject to the purchase or construction:


1. In the case of loans granted to purchase and construction of the first category, the husband's name if it is done solely to pay premiums if the husband with his wife agreed to pay the loan installments, the common housing register on the rate of contribution of each to pay for premiums or as mutually agreed.


2. In the case of loans granted to purchase and construction of the second category, name of the father or mother, as the case.

In the case of loans, purchase and construction of the third category Almmnojh the name of the son or daughter with the fact that the amount of the father or the mother of the family of key third category Wu has to pay the loan installments