1.   What is "Mazaya" program?
"Mazaya" is a new program being introduced by the Ministry of Housing (the “Ministry”) in collaboration with the private sector for the provision of social housing for citizens who are listed on the Ministry of Housing waiting lists (the “Program”). The idea of ​​the Program is to assist housing waiting list beneficiaries to purchase a housing unit by obtaining financing from a participating bank, in addition to providing government financial support. Installments paid by the beneficiary will amount to 25% of his/her monthly income. The government financial support shall be equivalent to the difference between the monthly installment paid by the beneficiary, and the required installment amount by the participating bank.
2. What are the advantages of the Program?
·      The Program provides the possibility for the housing applicants to purchase residential units immediately from the private sector without having to stay on the housing services waiting list.
·         The Program gives the applicant the choice of purchasing a housing unit developed by an accredited developer or any housing unit approved by the Ministry.
·         Mortgage installments are capped at 25% of the beneficiary’s monthly income. The government shall provide financial support to the Beneficiary by contributing the difference between the beneficiary’s mortgage contribution and the required mortgage amount by the participating bank. Said financial support is subject to re-evaluation on a bi-annual basis, depending on the beneficiary’s income level.
3.   What are the eligibility criteria for beneficiaries of the Program?
·         The beneficiary must be a Bahraini citizen.
·         The beneficiary must be the head of the family.
·         The beneficiary must have a monthly income of at least BD 600 and not more than BD 1200 at the time of application for the program.
·         The beneficiary age should be at least 21 years and not older than 35 years old at the time of application for the program.
·         The beneficiary and his family must be a permanent resident in Bahrain.
4.    What is the maximum loan amount that can be provided under the Program?
The maximum loan amount that can be provided under the Program is BD 90,000. The beneficiary has to contribute 10% of the loan amount as a down payment to the participating bank, such that the value of the loan outstanding does not exceed BD 81,000.
5.   What is the maximum allowable house price under the Program?
The beneficiary can purchase a house costing up to BD 120,000 under the Program. However, the Program only supports a mortgage of up to BD 90,000 (as explained above). As such the beneficiary will have to fund the balance beyond the BD 90,000 utilizing other means.
6.   How can I apply for "Mazaya" program?



7.   What documents are required when applying for the Program?
·         The beneficiary’s salary certificate.
·         Three months bank statement.
·         A copy of beneficiary’s smart card.

8.   Who are the real estate development companies participating in the program? 



9.    Who are the financial institutions participating in the program?  

Further information

For further information regarding the program, Please call Ministry of Housing call Centre at 80008001.