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جائزة الأميرة سبيكة بنت إبراهيم آل خليفة العالمية لتمكين المرأة Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Alkhalifa Global Award for Women Empoerment
Goal 11- Ministry of Housing ​​​​
Access to Housing is solidly anchored in Bahrain’s policies and programmes in particular through the reference to the provision of adequate housing to limited income citizens in the constitution and the Ministry of Housing’s the mission and vision. Read More….. 

Based on this, the Ministry’s strategy is designed to expand Bahrain’s urban areas in a sustainable way, where every family has the opportunity to create a real home in a safe, sustainable, and integrated community.

Despite operating in a challenging housing landscape, the government of Bahrain, through the Ministry of Housing, has managed to bring affordable housing to the citizens of Bahrain, but more than that has provided Bahrain with full integrated urban areas for tis citizens (including the most vulnerable)  being it in existing or new towns, indeed an achievement only few countries in the world have attained.

The Ministry has delivered a large number of housing services to Bahrain’s eligible citizens in particular those in the limited income segment. To date, the Government has invested BD 3.3 billion to fund the provision of over 108,000 housing services which have benefitted almost 65% of Bahraini citizens over the last 40 years.

Bahrain’s solid package of housing services and programs for all limited income Bahraini citizens (including for vulnerable groups) which include integrated town planning, ready-made homes combined with  preferential financing, temporary rental units, housing mortgage subsidies, housing loans, waiting list subsidy, neighborhood rehabilitation, underscores a leadership vision which places the citizen of Bahrain at the core of development, and the main recipient of social and economic prosperity.

Through the provision of free residential land and preferential rates for loans and waivers for those who are facing financial hardships, the leadership has waived approximately half a billion Bahraini Dinars in housing services repayments. It is estimated that the government subsidizes around 75% of the actual cost of Social Housing in Bahrain, ensuring the Kingdom is without a doubt a global benchmark for social-centric development strategy. ​Read More​


 Selected Initiatives
 Annual Report
Annual Report


UN-HABI​T​​AT, which is mandated to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all, has awarded His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister for his impressive efforts in lifting the living standards of all Bahrainis through an active focus on poverty alleviation and modernization while preserving the cultural heritage of his country.2007


“The King​dom of Bahrain has made remarkable strides in reducing poverty and social exclusion by facilitating the provision of housing to the poor and the disadvantaged. Over the past quarter of a century, the Kingdom of Bahrain has transformed itself from a collection of rural villages into a thriving diversified economy while preserving the cultural heritage of the Kingdom.”  Mr. Ban Ki-moon 2nd July, 2007 Geneva ECOSOC

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